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Cleaning, Repairing & Restoration of Oriental Carpets in Monaco 

Cleaning, Repairing & Restoration of Oriental Carpets in Monaco 


Repairing rugs early, when only a few stitches are needed, is preferable to costly restoration later. Monaco Cleaning Rugs,  Eoffers quality repair and restoration for damage to rugs due to aging, accident or wear. Yarns, colours and techniques are matched - with custom dyeing when necessary. Due to the non-standardized production of modern rugs, we continually find new situations and materials that call for new approaches and unique solutions to restoration. Rug restoration is traditionally a utilitarian craft. However, in Monaco Cleaning Rugs, hands this skill has been elevated both to an art and a science. The repair and restoration of Oriental rugs - both ancient and modern - benefits greatly from Monaco Cleaning Rugs, long experience and unmatched expertise.

Monaco Cleaning  Rugs, Specialists Repair and Resize Rugs

 Monaco Cleaning Rugs, addresses all forms of rug repairs and alterations.

Rug Restoration & Repairing Monaco


with a considerable amount of damage is a challenge and we can restore any rug to its former glory. Rugs left with us will benefit from our repair expert's artistic skills and creativity. From matching the colours to matching the type of wool used is very important, where possible we will use wool reclaimed from old rugs and Kelim to carry out repairs in old rugs. Repairing rugsspecialized on any types of rugs, carpets, Kelim, Sumack with any types of materials such as wool, silk, merino wool, synthetics etc.


Monaco Cleaning Rugs, Nevertheless, Repairing involves fixing any sort of damage, holes, lost piles, binding, fringing, edging as best as and as closest possible to the original condition. Repairing of the rug or Kelim etc prevent troubles from arising further damages to the rug. Each repairing has different methods to deal with. It depends on the foundation materials, construction of weft and wraps, thickness and thinness of the rug, etc. Any damaged place should be fixed or at least to be eliminated for further expansion. Try not to ignore these, they will only get bigger. Reweaving holes is easier if the warp and the weft of the rug do not have to be replaced in addition to re-piling or re-knotting. It is very important that the right yarn texture, finish, and colour are matched to the existing rug. For this reason sewing in patches has limited value, if any - especially on a good Oriental rug. Restoration and repairing by reweaving is highly recommended.


Monaco rugs  complex rug repairs and alterations everyday in our workshop facility.


Cleaning curtains in Monaco



The workshop Sardje Mouse has earned a reputation as a specialist in cleaning and

restoration of carpets, upholstery and curtains, present throughout the French Riviera, Monaco and Var.

Professional cleaning business. With over 40 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration of carpets Carpets SARDJE moves to Monaco, Nice, Cannes throughout the Maritime Alps -French riviera

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