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 Carpet Cleaning Cleaning Service Monaco Nice Cannes  

      Principality carpet repair service Monaco Nice Cannes 
Over the years, with the accumulation of dust, sand and fatty substances made by the shoes, your carpet is deep. Sometimes a simple cleaning is enough.   
restauration de tapis

Some tips to clean your carpet:

Gently beat the carpet to remove the maximum amount of dust Attach the colors so they do not mix during washing Wash thoroughly carpet with soapy water and the product moth and soak in depth and in all  its structure Rinse several times to remove trace residue Squeeze Brush in the direction of the pile for fitness Drying in a hot air tunnel     

In other cases, the carpet will be too damaged and will need to be repaired. We provide repair your Oriental rugs
All carpets can and must be cleaned and réparé.Trous and tears find their remedies.
But good repair should go unnoticed, almost invisible does not depreciate the restored carpet
Lavage et nettoyage tapis 06 Nice
      Maintain, clean or restore his stack is to prolong his life.   

  More info on Carpet care:

Regularly vacuum the carpet. Never use the brush of the vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet to remove surface dirt. The sand and dirt can damage the silk or wool carpet.

If food or liquid substance falls on the carpet, remove it as soon as possible. Only use baking soda and a clean towel.
 Spread on the task, let dry until it becomes hard and remove. Never use a cleaning agent because it can contain coloring and produce irreversible changes colors. Be sure that the carpet is completely dry before putting it back in place. If you do not follow these care instructions, your carpet will be significantly damaged.

The urine of an animal is very dangerous for an oriental rug. The smell is not only uncomfortable, but can have consequences such as dry rot and discoloration of dyes.
 Every time an accident occurs, use baking soda and clean water to completely clean the soiled area. That the carpet is completely dry and clean before putting it back in place because the animals tend to start over. Long-term,  consult a professional to clean your carpet.

When should you take your rug to a professional cleaner? It depends on where your carpet is laid and the passage.
 Obviously, frequent passages on your carpet will get dirty quickly. When your carpet is visibly dirty, it's time to have it cleaned.

How should the carpets be cleaned? Handmade carpets should never be dry cleaned; this action merely polishes the surface and leaves a large amount of gritty residue.
 Handmade carpets should not be steam cleaned; the color of the carpet would suffer. Handmade carpets must always be completely dusted to remove dirt before washing. Handmade carpets should always be thoroughly cleaned with a suitable detergent. Such detergents must clean both carpet surfaces. After washing, it is very important to thoroughly rinse the carpet until all chemical is removed. It must be completely clean the carpet if the surface is simply brilliant and leave the shampoo, dirt in the carpet.

The base of handmade carpets is important for the long life of your carpet. Handmade carpets must be non-slip and promoted the flow of air between the carpet and the floor. The base must be designed so that dirt remains on the ground and does not damage the underside of the carpet.
Damage caused by mites can occur anywhere but usually in dark
ventilated seats. Our rugs are not treated properly.
The mat should be turned 180 degrees at least twice a year to minimize wear due to the passage and sun.
 The color of the carpet would fade if exposed to direct ultraviolet rays of the sun. Most new windows are equipped with a UV filter.
 Older windows can be coated with a UV blocking film to reduce this problem.   


Tips and tricks   


How to clean and maintain a wool rug?   

Why regularly clean a carpet?
Regular carpet cleaning is recommended on a wool rug
A carpet that is not cleaned regularly can become a haven for moths and mites   

Routine maintenance of wool carpets   

During the first two months, the wool rug loses its excess material as a soft toy. It is then vacuum the carpet without rubbing and never brushing with a stiff brush.   

Remove dust with a carpet   

To fully remove dust with a carpet, sprinkle it with still wet tea leaves. Let dry and then vacuum the carpet 


Clean a wool rug   

Never detach a dusty carpet without having dusted before using a vacuum cleaner. 

Carpet cleaning is required before ever stain removal .Do not use product on a carpet without a preliminary test on an inconspicuous area.
Do not clean a carpet with water. Check the color of the carpet does not fade, and if the fibers are not likely to be attacked. La most carpet cleaners, aerosol or powder shampoos, contain recommendations for use. Read them closely deep cleaning of the carpet is done by a professional such as "Carpet SARDJE"
Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner with a brush is recommended. He points better hair   


Clear furniture brands on the mat

These marks left by heavy furniture on carpet leave if you place your hot steam iron an inch above the crushed hair. Steams straighten especially if you go right after vacuuming and a comb or a plastic rake.


Different carpet cleaning methods   


Wet cleaning wool carpets

If the carpet has no particular value:
Carpet cleaning is carried out using a sponge soaked in soapy water (soap), rinse with clear water and vinegar and let dry. 
Cleaning of wool carpets is practiced by rubbing it with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water with a few drops of alkali (ammonia). Let the product penetrate a little and spend a wet cloth with warm water. Then dab the wool rug with a dry cloth.
Before cleaning the carpet, of course, proceed prior to a preliminary test on a corner of the carpet, less prominent, with a cotton swab to check that the carpet,, tolerates the product. 
If color is found on the swab or the color of the carpet drool, for example: stop everything and give the carpet to clean your specialist.
 Want to clean and maintain a rug! 
Make an appointment: Phone +33 (0) 628 77 54 25
Sprinkle the carpet widely Sommières earth wool. Let the act powder few hours (overnight) then vacuum.   

Smelly carpets

Sprinkle baking soda carpet. Leave on overnight.


Cleaning a wool carpet in expensive   

If it is an expensive carpet, avoid too aggressive cleaning, use a specialist like SARDJE rug.   


Remove a stain on a wool rug   


 Burn mark on carpet   

If the burn is superficial carpet, remove the blackened fibers by brushing vigorously exfoliate light stains and burns by dabbing with a cloth soaked in water with peroxide (5 parts water to one part peroxide) .You can also cut hair burnt carpets and then clear the stain by blotting with a cotton cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide 20 cases of deep burns volumes. En replaces the burned surface of the carpet. Then remove any black mark scraping then put some glue in the hole, gently pull a few hairs in a less visible and paste them into the hole until it is filled. Please do not walk on the carpet until the glue is completely dry! Spend carpet glue stains on the stain a rag soaked in acetone or alcohol.

Cleaning, washing, restoration, repair and expertise of your carpet in Monaco, Nice, Cannes,  St Tropez, Vence, Grasse, Antibes, Juan Les Pins, Mandelieu, 06 les Alpes Maritimes French rivièra   

The SARDJE institutions offer you a professional service for cleaning your particular curtains, embassies, hotels, restaurants, offices, boats. 

cleaning of curtains rideaux    cleaning of curtains rideaux    

The SARDJE institutions offer you a professional service for cleaning your particular curtains, embassies, hotels, restaurants, offices, boats

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Taking measures
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Dry clean or cleaner as textures
Specific treatments: antistatic, deodorant, moth
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